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We bring the party to you - wherever you are!

What is a drive-by DJ event?

A drive-by DJ set is all the makings for a pop-up party packed snuggly into the back of a Honda Element!

Consider hosting a drive-by DJ event to celebrate your special event in a unique and fun way.


Some of the ways that I have helped folks create unique drive-by events include: 

  • Drive-by neighborhood front porch party 

  • Pop-up dance party/surprise party 

  • Surprise wedding 

  • Graduation party 

  • BBQ block party 

  • Football halftime show entertainment 


$200 for the first hour and $100/hr there after. Additional rates may apply for travel outside of the greater Treasure Valley. 

The options are endless! Contact me to talk about your ideas and let's create a memory together! 

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