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My name is Jesse Dealy, 

I have over a decade of experience in the weddings and events space. On top of my DJ skills,
I'm also a musician. Pre-wedding life I was the lead vocalist and front man for a local band for
5 years. I love being the guy to hype your vibe. I'm here to help people feel comfortable to be

I am native to Boise and I love to travel this beautiful city, state and country and help make
those special moments happen.

I'm very passionate in everything I do. From the first meetup, learning about you and how
you met your person, to executing a day we planned together and dropping all the bops for
you, your friends and family members to enjoy. 

I love to create moments of future nostalgia for all generations. Seeing that smile when I
play a song someone forgot about or loves so much, is something I seek while we boogie into
the night. 

I'm BIG on mixing music. There's a way to create energy and guide all the different age groups together throughout the evening, it's done through mixing music. Making multiple songs blend together and feel seamless is a skill learned and mastered over time. 

MC and mic work is a critical skill of mine that I love to utilize to keep the evening moving and folks on track. Whether its herding drunken cats to a send-off lineup or getting everyone seated for grand entrance, dinner and toasts, I do it with a good mix of fun and conviction. 


I would love to help you create unforgettable memories through music at your next event!  

Photography credit: @Mckayleebriannephoto
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